Working on Priscilla, the Musical
January 21, 2017

Working on Priscilla, the Musical

After being a drag queen for about 8 or 9 years, I grew very tired of putting on make up and working in clubs and bars. As impossible as it sounds, I actually started to see drag like an office job. The monotony of doing the same thing day in day out, even though it was all sex, drugs and rock n roll, just bored me. 

I started drinking more and partying more just to feel inspired. But nothing worked. I began to hate drag. Spiralling further and further down, with a real risk of being what I always feared most, I realized that nothing would change if I didn't change. I could either keep doing exactly what I was doing and be miserable or I could get my shit together and change my life. 

So I trimmed the fat off my gigs. Let go of the ones I didn't love and only kept the few that I did. I stopped drinking and partying, and cleaned myself up. 

I didn't know what was coming next but I was enjoying feeling like a real person again. A normal member of society. 

During this time, there was a lot of hype about a stage production of the movie Priscilla, Queen of the desert. It was all very exciting as they were wanting real drag queens to be in the cast, so a lot of people I knew auditioned. Of course they were looking for people with musical theatre skills so I didn't bother. And if you've ever heard me sing then you know why! No, I wanted to be backstage and do wigs and make up. 

Months went by and I was back to full strength, feeling great and enjoying life again. And then I get a call from my good friend Trevor Ashley (who got a feature role in the show) to do a couple of drag faces for a photo shoot for Priscilla. And that was it. I went in for the shoot and never left. 

I truly felt like the universe had guided me to that point, the planets aligned and I was put on the path that would lead to my future. 

I travelled the world with Priscilla, rose through the ranks from a casual makeup artist to deputy to head to associate make up designer and wig supervisor. I worked on Broadway, and I lived in London for 2 years. I met the most wonderful and talented people and l learned a fucking shit load of new skills and life experience. I felt so blessed and I wouldn't be here right now if I hadn't gotten that call that day.

Working in that professional environment with such a high standard refined my skills to a whole new level. I felt like I had learned all the spells and I was creating magic with everything I touched. It was a life changing 5 years of my life. 
But like all good things, there has to be an end. 5 years was a long time to hear the same songs over and over. I did the show 1000's of times. I set the show up in 6 different countries and I was tired. But the real issue was that the repetition made me creatively barren. There was no new flow of inspiration. I was stagnant and for someone who is an extremely creative person, realizing that your magic has gone is a shocking thing. 

So Priscilla wound down and I took about 6 months off working to go back to drag full time. I needed to let my juices flow and find my magic again. It worked! 

Me and Kylie from when she visited the London production.

Me and Kylie from when she visited the London production.